Shipping Information

We offer both public and global conveyances of extraordinary assortment of monetary standards. Every one of our conveyances are protected, quick and prudent. All customers conveyance data are erased later conveyance to guarantee a discrete arrangement in light of the fact that your security is the only thing that is important to us.

Following number is introduced for our customers to screen the conveyance progress of their bundles on the web.

We ensure the security section of your bundle, every one of our bundles are tweaked and discretionary fixed bundles this implies that they are without custom. We offer triple vacuum seal and covertness bundle on all orders so it can’t be aroma recognized by canine (canines) or electronic sniffers, We really do give discounts or supplant your request in the event that there is a disappointment in conveying.

We truly do offer cover for our bundles, for instance we use games, TV or some other legitimate merchandise containers to convey our bundles so purchaser get bundle like getting a recently requested Electronic Item.

we in all actuality do give you an expert bundling and a major box to fit every one of your orders, we additionally compose titles on the stuff before they are being bundled with the goal that it will be simple for customers who requested many stuff to think that it is in the crate. The conveyance as a rule requires up to 3-5 days

Every one of our bundles are sent with ‘Track and Trace’ and can consequently be followed on the web. All paid requests are transported next work day. Later we process your shipment request, we will send your bundle to the mailing station/dispatch organization. Then, at that point, a following number which can be utilized to follow the conveyance status of your bundle will be shipped off the email address that is enlisted with your Shop Account. When the following number is shipped off your email address, you can follow your shipment.

Discreet delivery

With us you don’t need to stress. Just you will know what your bundle contains. All our bundling is totally cautious and will resemble the ones on the image here beneath. The outside of the bundle basically has your location, our (return-) address and the vital postage data on it. Obviously we won’t involve us as shipper’s name.

Your security is central to us and our circumspect bundling ensures that you are the just one becoming invigorated by the package – to others it will look plain exhausting. Bigger things are sent in durable cardboard boxes and are twofold wrapped with solid pressing tape. More modest things are sent in solid and cushioned envelopes. All orders are sent in subtle plain bundling. Nobody will actually want to think about what the bundle contains or who the shipper is. No logo or lettering referencing our organization will be found on the bundle. The main markings on your bundle are your location name on the front and a postal/package administration sticker, contingent upon the help utilized.

We Accept Payment Using The Following Methods


  1. Bitcoins
  2. PayPal
  3. Bank to Bank Transfer
  4. Apple Pay / Google Pay
  5. Western Union / Moneygram
  6. Walmart to Walmart / Walmart Gift Cards
  7. Zelle / Cash App